My humble moment of brilliance (featuring chewing gum)

It has been an up and down day for me thus far. I’ll explain…

During my walk to the train station this morning I spat my chewing gum out and idly swung my foot at it.
After managing a perform a keep-up with each foot I aggressively volleyed the gum towards a small bin that was roughly 5/10 yards away. To my combined shock and delight it actually flew in!!!

I then look up and see 2 blokes (‘real man’ types too) who have witnessed the whole incident. They both look directly at me and give me this approving nod/wink hybrid (I am pretty sure one of the bigger of the 2 even said ‘wow’) whilst I modestly smile back, pop my collar and casually strut away feeling like a 21st Century James Dean, genuinely believing that this incident made me look like such a suave geezer/walking vessel of testosterone that any woman who saw it would now be pregnant!

Whilst at work, still basking in that moment of glory, the thought suddenly dawns on me that this was probably the coolest thing I have ever done and I doubt that I will come close to anything like that ever again…and all I really did was kick chewing gum into a bin.

– Now I’m feeling slightly depressed!


About Project Southsea

I blog mostly about my adventures in awkwardness.
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