My Look-a-likes

I don’t think that I am very attractive. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly ugly or anything but am realistic enough to know that my face is nothing special.  The words ‘fit’ (meaning good looking), ‘beautiful’ or ‘hot’ have probably never been used in regards to my appearance. I do have a brother who is often compared to Zach Efron which serves to relegate me to the role of ugly sister(despite being…well…male).

I am OK with this though, luckily I have had over 20 years to deal with it & am now at a point where I am comfortable with myself (physically anyways). I try to compensate for my lack of movie star (or even TV star) looks by trying to be interesting in other ways, I find that this works for me.

Those of you who have read the ‘about me’ section of this blog will know that I have been compared facially to Artie from Glee & Where’s Wally (Americans call him Waldo) in the past. Not the most flattering of comparisons I’m sure you’ll agree.

Well my supposed likeness to a couple of celebrities has cropped up again over the past few days & I’m not sure whether to laugh, cry or boast.

Let’s rewind a bit first…

So I had a one night stand Saturday (try not to judge me). Now I won’t go into the details, all I’ll say is that I got chatting to girl in a bar & somehow one thing led to another.

She was out with a larger group of friends, both male & female. All night I was very much aware of them all watching us as we chatted. A couple of them even waved goodbye to me as the night drew to a close & we all headed off into the drunken evening. This girl & I ended up going back to her place.

The next morning, after a cup of tea & 30 minutes of awkward conversation, I made my excuses & left. I knew what this was so didn’t ask for her number. I didn’t even catch her surname (again, please don’t judge me.).

Somehow she must have caught mine though. Sitting at home on Monday evening my phone ‘beep beeped’ telling me that I had a Facebook friend request. It was from this girl. Seeing no reason to ignore it, I accepted. Besides, my housemates wanted to see what she looked like so we quickly fired up the laptop & made our way to her facebook profile page.

Whatever self-esteem boost this one night stand had given me was instantly deflated the second I clicked on her page….

You see, on her timeline her friends had posted pictures of various ‘celebs’ alongside of comments such as: “Where’s Wally?…why he’s in *****’s bed!”, “yo *****, glad your place is wheelchair accessible! ;)” & various other Glee, Big Bang Theory, Yoko Ono & nerd references.

See for yourself, here are some of the pictures that were on her wall accompanying these comments: (I copied and pasted these from her actual facebook)


form an orderly queue ladies…

Basically they were all making jokes at our expense due to the fact that I apparently look like Artie/Wally/Howard/John Lennon/generic nerd & that she taken me home. Obviously my housemates thought this was the funniest thing they have seen in a long time. Soon my phone was going crazy with abusive texts as my housemates proceeded to spread the word amongst our group!

I was hoping to keep this blog relatively anonymous but what the hell! Here is a collage of some pictures of me. I have tried to include images that may not be the most flattering in order to give a balanced account of myself. I realise that I can’t really be too objective here so I am keen to know what my fellow bloggers think.

j collage

I struggle deciding on a face when posing for photos

Now that you’ve seen me and them I can ask you some questions: Do they have a point? Do I look like those guys? If so, is that a bad thing? Is look-a-like work a lucrative industry? Maybe you even have some of your own that her friends didn’t think of?

If the feedback proves to be positive then I may embrace the likeness & play up to this a bit more in the hope of reaping rewards from it. If not, then I may have to see in 2013 with an image change. I’ll shave my hair off and wear my glasses 24/7 or something!

Although something tells me that if I shave my hair off I’ll probably get Moby yelled at me in the street!

Could be worse I suppose...

Could be worse I suppose…


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I blog mostly about my adventures in awkwardness.
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13 Responses to My Look-a-likes

  1. frequentneed says:

    There are possibly similarities 🙂

    You’re very funny by the way

  2. You look a little like Nathan Sykes from The Wanted in the third picture. (At least I think so.)

    Great read!

  3. I don’t think you look like any of them. Maybe a bit like Artie but that could be the hair cut. But I’d say play it up, it looks nice. Oh! Don’t shave your head.

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