Guest Post – Nicky’s Story

 The obsessive colleague – By Nicky

Hello! I’m Nicky, from SociopathiCuttlefish, and I’m sharing one of my awkward stories from long ago.


So the story starts around 7 years ago when I had my first job at this train station shop. All was well, if a little boring until one day some new recruits came through and were being shown around.

One of them was a girl we’ll call K, and was quite obviously flirting. Thinking nothing off it, I flirted a little back until I was told she was one of the supervisor’s daughter, and by one of the supervisor’s I mean the slightly older one who looks like she could beat you down in one punch.

This is an accurate portrayal of her. Scary no?

Needless to say I promptly shut up and closed the book on that one.

Or so I thought…

It had all started a few weeks after she officially started work. I missed a phone call from work while I was in the gym on my day off, and little bitch  dutiful employee that I was called back and talked to my favourite supervisor.

“Hey Awesome Supervisor, you called?”

“Umm, noooooo. Why do you ask?”

At this point confusion sets in. “I missed a call from you guys, about an hour ago?”

“Ah, that might have been K. Hang on, I’ll check…”

Turns out K had used to work phone, saying it was for an urgent call, and then took my mobile number from work’s contact list (there goes the Data Protection Act) and tried calling to see if I wanted to meet up after her shift.

probably looking like this…

Needless to say I made my excuses, backed with the genuine reason, that I was currently at the other end of the city.

I thought that would be the end of it.

Not long after, there was the time when I was locking up after my late shift, and she came up behind me and smacked my behind (she was also on late shift, so less creeper points).

Now at the time, me and my friends were the kind of 18 years olds who do that kind of thing to each other, so when I turned around and saw it a)her, and b)a girl, I got a bit of a double shock, which she didn’t seem to notice as she gave me a wink and attempted to strut to the back.

One time, I’m fairly sure she tried to pin me to a wall.

These kind of things would happen for a while, until she tried asking me to this charity ball her family were invited to (her dad was an ex-policeman, more reason to stay out of it). Now her mum had already warned me and in the least confrontational way said ‘don’t say yes’. Thankfully saying no got her off my case, but every now and then I’d still get the puppy dog eyes and the warning glares from her mum.


I hope you enjoyed my post and if you like rants about the news and general things, come check out my blog! The more the merrier, except in a monogamous relationship.



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I blog mostly about my adventures in awkwardness.
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