Today is an awkward day!


I am having an awkward day.

Nothing major has happened, just a lot of little incidents.

I wasn’t planning on posting anything today but as you are all nice people I will share them with you now:


1) before work this morning I walked in on my housemate on the toilet.

2) on the train to work I caught eyes with a pretty girl. She smiled at me. As I went to smile back I started choking on my chewing gum. I then had a coughing fit. She looked away.

3) at work I went to the canteen in our building only to find that I had left my wallet at home.

4) I received an email from a client earlier (see below picture). I have had no idea how to respond to it. I am now dodging his emails and calls.


5) as I got the train home I bumped into an old friend. As we said our goodbyes he went for a fist bump, I went for a handshake. I ended up shaking his fist.

6) when at home a man collecting for a charity knocked the door. I answered. He asked if my parents were home. I left home over 5 years ago! This has happened before.

7) I sent a text to my friend Nathan. It was a comment about his penis (a story for another time). As I hit send I realised that I had sent it to my nan! Hopefully she isn’t a tech savvy as she likes to think.


So the fates appear to be conspiring against me today.

I am now planning on locking myself in my room, switching my phone off, watching the Liverpool game on my laptop in solitude and generally hiding from the world until tomorrow.

I will see you on the other side.


About Project Southsea

I blog mostly about my adventures in awkwardness.
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25 Responses to Today is an awkward day!

  1. dsantos85 says:

    sounds like a pretty awesome day if you ask me! 😀

  2. riliye says:

    Point in your favor: Your awkwardness made me smile!

  3. daryljim says:

    Wow. Well the sun will come out tomorrow.. Lets hope it does and that things are different. If not… I guess more awkwardness. GOOD LUCK! Ha

  4. frequentneed says:

    Im wondering if 4 is some sort of metaphor for light saber fighting. Maybe he’s a Star Wars guy.
    If not
    I want to be invited to the event.

    5 made me laugh out loud. 🙂

  5. Very amusing post. I can sympathize with you. I’ve recently started up a new relationship, and I found myself having awkward stare-downs with two of my ex-girlfriends. Doesn’t nearly compare to your day, but I do what I can.

  6. Poor you, man. I must be evil since I laughed at your experience. BUAHAHA. In all seriousness, thankfully, nothing awkward has happened to me for a while. Whew.

    I thought this was a seriously funny post! Good job, man! 🙂

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  8. Erin says:

    LMAO, I have no idea how I’d respond to the email. I would probably be the one making the awkward comment…

    • I am still at a loss with this one. I switched my out of office on so he would just think that I was away!

      Surely you wouldn’t be offering to “rock out with your cock out”?. I am not even entirely sure what that even means!

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  10. princessthought2013 says:

    I love it. we might be related somehow. I am sometimes called a dork with a capital D. not that you are a dork but… awkwardness has it’s moments of accepting names that may or may not describe you at the time based upon reactions lol. whatever?? who cares. in the whole scheme of things … who. really. cares? I cannot believe that email was sent – WOW. I don’t have anything to beat that one. You will probably feel weird forever. BUT I DOOO have a vacation story… just thought of something to add to my blog. Follow back? princessthought2013.

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