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Does anyone know Shaft?!

Once again, I have embarrassed myself in front of a client. After this incident and this incident, I am now starting to think that I should not be allowed to talk to clients anymore. Anyways, on with the story… For … Continue reading

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Where I write a letter to myself…

As most of you will know, last weekend was a bit of a rubbish one. Fortunately, this weekend was one that was relatively incident free. After the past 7 days it was much needed. The only downside with a quiet weekend … Continue reading

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The Inner Monologue (or lack thereof).

I have always had problems with my inner monologue. It would appear that I do not possess the ability to filter what is coming out of my mouth and words will seemingly emerge from that big hole in my head … Continue reading

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My Weekend

In my last post I mentioned that I have recently been free of awkwardness. Well I spoke too soon. This weekend was not the greatest in recent memory. Whilst no major tragedy occurred and nothing of note went on, there were … Continue reading

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From the Vault: The Email Address.

I am doing well. The past week or two has been relatively free of awkwardness. Long may it continue! The only downside is that this does not provide much in the way of blogging material. However, luckily for you all … Continue reading

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