Where I get a little serious and ask you to help someone…

I love the internet!

Whilst it could (maybe) be fun for me to provide a comprehensive rundown of why I adore the world wide web, there are just way too many reasons for me to list right now.

All I will say is that I am in awe of the internet’s ability to create little internet communities and bring people together. Due to my laptop and broadband connection I have been able to connect with many people whose path’s I would never have crossed otherwise. I now find myself more interested and invested in the worlds of complete strangers than I ever imagined possible.

Reason why I love the internet #257: This picture

Reason why I love the internet #257: This picture

Blogging is a great example of this. Through this blog I have engaged with, spoken to and read about people from all corners of the earth who live much more diverse, entertaining and interesting lives than me…I am basically referring to all of you who are reading this. Don’t blush, you all are much more interesting than me.

Internet Forums are another great example of online communities. I am a member of a forum myself and I am shamelessly addicted to it. Over the last few months I have found myself spending more time than I care to think about idly discussing pointless topics with strangers.

I also get hopelessly reeled in when one of my fellow forum users finds themselves in a bind and reaches out to other members for advice and support.

Today I stumbled across the below post on the forum and I felt compelled to share it with others.

Now I know that my blog is not normally very serious or dark in tone so this will be a slight change of pace for you but please have a read….


Hey chaps

I’ve kept this quiet, because I’m not one to do my grieving in public, but my Dad passed away suddenly just over a month ago. He had a massive cardiac arrest and suffered hypoxic brain damage as a result. We sat around his bed and waited for him to die when the life support was switched off, and it was harrowing, easily the worst experience of my life. He and my Mum were very close, they did everything together, and she was – and is – in pieces. She’s just…broken.

They had a favourite local band on the Isle of Wight where they lived, and would often go and watch them play in the pubs and social clubs. It was a source of real happiness for them. The band are called Lucid. When Dad died, the band sent flowers to mum with a card, and popped round to see her and how she was doing. They also came to the funeral and allowed one of their songs to be played during the service.

Since then, they’ve taken Mum out for lunch and dinner, made several visits, and basically made sure she was ok as could be expected. They’ve been brilliant, so kind and caring. I’d like to pay them back somehow, and with your help, I might be able to do it.

There’s a festival in Wales in August, the Green Man festival, and there’s a competition to give an unknown band a shot at opening the whole shebang. The 3 bands with the most votes will go into a final “play off” for a chance to win this prize. Please can I ask that all you Facebook users out there (half the forum closes this post in disgust at this point) go to this link –


and “like” the band to cast your vote.

PLEASE help – without their support, this whole situation would have been a lot tougher on Mum. They’ve not asked for anything in return, they’ve simply been there when needed, without being asked.

Thanks lads, I know from experience how powerful the forum support can be in this sort of situation. Appreciate it.

TL-DR – please go to the link above and “like” the band Lucid to give them a chance to play at a festival. They have supported my Mum in recent weeks since my Dad died, and I’d like to show them some love in return.


As soon as I had finished reading this I could not click that link quick enough! I hope you will all do the same.

Apologies if I seem a little a little preachy or soppy here. Due to R’s girlfriend leaving various Nicholas Sparks books around the house (I am currently out of reading material so may have read one or two) and C’s girlfriend leaving piles of chick flicks laying around the place (which just happened to fall into my DVD player) I am noticeably more sappy and soppy than usual.

I am off to drink some beer, watch sport and possibly even womanise in order to return to my traditional ambivalent alpha-male self.

(note – the last line may have been a slight lie. I will most likely have a bubble bath whilst reading A Walk to Remember and then watch The Vow on DVD)



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13 Responses to Where I get a little serious and ask you to help someone…

  1. Off to click the link now

  2. I’m clicking as well! A great idea to pass this along on WordPress!

  3. Eph A Bee says:

    I’ve clicked the link! Please keep us updated on whether they get to play at the festival or not. 🙂

  4. Amen for the bubble bath. Also I clicked 😉

  5. awkwardcharm says:

    Ah! The link is blocked at work (um… I mean… I’m not goofing off at work. Who me?). But I will definitely cast my vote once I get home. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. hermitageno8 says:

    your wish etc., voting done. What a nice way to repay a kindness.

  8. H. Stern says:

    That’s great. Really nice. Now, come back to your fecking blog because I live in Ireland and need to read some British Humor. Or Humour. I’m not sure anymore. Where did you go?

  9. awkwardcharm says:

    I’m like H. Stern, above. I feel like I don’t know myself anymore. COME BACK!!!

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