Don’t call it a comeback…

So I went away for a while.

Sorry I didn’t check in and let you all know that I was okay. That was rude of me and I apologise. I hope you didn’t worry about me too much.

I have no excuses….although I will say that work got busy, I got lazy and my laptop got broken. This made blogging pretty tricky.

Okay, so that may be an excuse…my bad. I did miss you all though.

Anyways…it’s been an interesting year at my end, fraught with social faux pas, inappropriate actions and pure awkwardness. I’ll fire up the laptop this weekend and start sharing again.

Speak soon.


About Project Southsea

I blog mostly about my adventures in awkwardness.
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7 Responses to Don’t call it a comeback…

  1. Marawan says:

    Finally hahahaha. Can’t wait to hear the stories!

  2. Jodie says:

    I am a tad excited, started following your blog last year, love your sense of comedy in each post and now can’t wait to read more…hmmm just realised is it ok to laugh at someone else expense??? I think we might all see a bit of ourselves wrapped up in your social faux pas, so really in the end we are kinda just laughing at ourselves

  3. Rebe says:

    I can’t wait either! Glad to see you posting again : )

  4. awkwardcharm says:

    So glad you’re bac–, um…so glad you’re computer is working again. I was lost without my awkward male counterpart on here. Haha.

  5. frequentneed says:

    I don’t think I could ever call this a come back 😉

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