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Where I write a letter to myself…

As most of you will know, last weekend was a bit of a rubbish one. Fortunately, this weekend was one that was relatively incident free. After the past 7 days it was much needed. The only downside with a quiet weekend … Continue reading

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Can males and females be friends?

R and I are having a debate (again). I could do with some input. As always, I’ll start at the beginning. So, I don’t have many female friends. It’s not like I solely hang out with guys or anything. I’ve … Continue reading

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A guide to breaking the ice and entertaining.

We had house guests this weekend. C’s friend Mikey and a few of pals were coming down on Friday from London to celebrate Mikey’s birthday. They would be coming to ours at about 6ish for food and drinks before we … Continue reading

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The “Grown Up” list…

Apparently, I have some growing up to do. So do my fellow housemates at Project Southsea. I’ll explain…   On New Years Day my housemates, C & R, as well as R’s girlfriend, all sat around chatting. We all were returning … Continue reading

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Office Christmas Parties: A Warning.

I don’t like Christmas Parties. Actually that’s not entirely true. I don’t like OFFICE Christmas Parties. I have my reasons; I’ll share some with you now: Reason 1 – Colleagues and Alcohol: When you put multiple people in such close … Continue reading

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