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The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

After having an extended period of not getting into trouble, I fell from grace emphatically yesterday. I was going write about it and tell this story of how my inner monologue failed me once again and caused me to inadvertently … Continue reading

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A guide to breaking the ice and entertaining.

We had house guests this weekend. C’s friend Mikey and a few of pals were coming down on Friday from London to celebrate Mikey’s birthday. They would be coming to ours at about 6ish for food and drinks before we … Continue reading

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Today is an awkward day!

I am having an awkward day. Nothing major has happened, just a lot of little incidents. I wasn’t planning on posting anything today but as you are all nice people I will share them with you now:   1) before … Continue reading

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Help me to win a bet…

One of our biggest vices at Project Southsea is gambling. My dad is a gambling man. He even has his own tipping line. Both C & I were indoctrined into the world of betting from an early age. I know … Continue reading

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The “Grown Up” list…

Apparently, I have some growing up to do. So do my fellow housemates at Project Southsea. I’ll explain…   On New Years Day my housemates, C & R, as well as R’s girlfriend, all sat around chatting. We all were returning … Continue reading

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My 2012 Awkward Countdown

As stated elsewhere, the intention behind this blog is to document my adventures in awkwardness. Now I only joined the blogging community in December of this year. This means I have a rich back catalogue of awkwardness, social inadequacy and … Continue reading

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