Past Awkwardness

As I may have mentioned, at times it feels like I am on a conveyor belt of awkward moments and situations. When I am not here writing about my various awkward encounters, it seems that I am out in the ‘real world’ having them!

Should you wish to delve into my Awkward Archives then links to all my previous posts are below:

A Guest Post (well…kind of)…Project Revolver.

The EX-Files

The kids are alright…sort of!

Does anyone know Shaft?!

Where I write a letter to myself…

The Inner Monologue (or lack thereof).

My Weekend

From the Vault: The Email Address.

The Liebster Blog Award

Can males and females be friends?

An update on the lying story…

Some Valentines Day tales…

My Taxi Story

Why I don’t tell lies.

A guide to breaking the ice and entertaining.

The  Bet: an update

Today is an awkward day!

Help me to win a bet…

He ain’t heavy…

The Sausage Sandwich Incident

What’s in my bed?

New Job = New Awkwardness

Drunk Friends

The Versatile Blogger Award

Introducing My Guest….

Guest Post – Nicky’s Story

The “Grown Up” list…

My 2012 Awkward Countdown

Trying something new…

I hate my brain!

Office Christmas Parties: A Warning.

My Look-a-likes

My Strange New Hobby

Secret Santa misjudgement.

My humble moment of brilliance (featuring chewing gum)

Bad timing leads to an awkward moment…


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