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From the Vault: The Strip Club

I have another story from my past to share with you all. I was reminded of this tale at the weekend. Several of my friends have been in long term relationships for a while now. As our group makes the … Continue reading

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Some Valentines Day tales…

As today is Valentines Day, I figured I would share some love related stories with you. This all came about as my friends and I, like the macho guys that we are,  were talking about Valentines, relationships and love last … Continue reading

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My Taxi Story

Today I would like to quickly talk to you all about Taxis. Taxis or cabs or minicabs or Hackney Carriages have been in operation in Europe since the early 1600’s, ferrying people from one place to another for a small … Continue reading

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What’s in my bed?

As I get older, my capacity to deal with a hangover gets worse and worse. My ability to recall the events of the previous night also appears to diminish with age. My ever decreasing  skills at coping with the aftermath … Continue reading

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Drunk Friends

Am I alone in having drunk friends? Before I go any further, I feel I should clarify. When I say ‘drunk friends’, I do not mean friends who are under the influence of alcohol and therefore, by traditional definition, drunk. … Continue reading

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Office Christmas Parties: A Warning.

I don’t like Christmas Parties. Actually that’s not entirely true. I don’t like OFFICE Christmas Parties. I have my reasons; I’ll share some with you now: Reason 1 – Colleagues and Alcohol: When you put multiple people in such close … Continue reading

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