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Where I make a (not so) Triumphant Return…

I’ve been away a while. Sorry about that. I have a few things going on which have prevented me from blogging. I won’t go into all the boring details but work has been insane, my laptop broke, I discovered I … Continue reading

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Some Valentines Day tales…

As today is Valentines Day, I figured I would share some love related stories with you. This all came about as my friends and I, like the macho guys that we are,  were talking about Valentines, relationships and love last … Continue reading

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Why I don’t tell lies.

I try to refrain from telling lies. Whilst I would like to say that this is due to me being a man of upstanding moral fibre, that’s not true (some would even call that a lie and, as I mentioned … Continue reading

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My Look-a-likes

I don’t think that I am very attractive. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly ugly or anything but am realistic enough to know that my face is nothing special.  The words ‘fit’ (meaning good looking), ‘beautiful’ … Continue reading

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Secret Santa misjudgement.

I am sure you are well aware that Christmas is rapidly approaching. If, like me, you work in office in England then this time of year always features 3 things: 1) Some ‘character’ in the office will start wearing a … Continue reading

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