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Don’t call it a comeback…

So I went away for a while. Sorry I didn’t check in and let you all know that I was okay. That was rude of me and I apologise. I hope you didn’t worry about me too much. I have … Continue reading

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Where I get a little serious and ask you to help someone…

I love the internet! Whilst it could (maybe) be fun for me to provide a comprehensive rundown of why I adore the world wide web, there are just way too many reasons for me to list right now. All I … Continue reading

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The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

After having an extended period of not getting into trouble, I fell from grace emphatically yesterday. I was going write about it and tell this story of how my inner monologue failed me once again and caused me to inadvertently … Continue reading

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A Guest Post (well…kind of)…Project Revolver.

Today I am going to share some things with you. I also have a guest who is going to share something with you. They’ll be here in a minute. So when I was a kid I did not always want … Continue reading

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My Weekend

In my last post I mentioned that I have recently been free of awkwardness. Well I spoke too soon. This weekend was not the greatest in recent memory. Whilst no major tragedy occurred and nothing of note went on, there were … Continue reading

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The Liebster Blog Award

Today has not been the best of days. I am tired after staying out late last night, riddled with ‘man flu’ and really hungry after forgetting both my lunch and wallet today. To top all of this off I accidentally … Continue reading

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Can males and females be friends?

R and I are having a debate (again). I could do with some input. As always, I’ll start at the beginning. So, I don’t have many female friends. It’s not like I solely hang out with guys or anything. I’ve … Continue reading

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