Hi. Welcome to the Project Southsea blog. Thanks for stopping by.

Project Southsea is what my housemates and I christened our home when we moved in throughout March 2012. My housemates do not have any input on this site though, so this is essentially my blog. I will take this opportunity to introduce myself to you…

You can call me J. I am a young man, now into my mid 20’s, who currently works as a Recruitment Consultant, which I have done since graduating uni. I live with my brother as well as my best friend in a house in Southsea, Portsmouth.

I consider myself relatively average on all fronts. For example, I am not sure you would notice me if we walked past each other in the street, well maybe if I am wearing my glasses. You see I have been told I resemble Artie from Glee when I have them on (google him if you don’t understand the reference…i’ll wait).

A drunk woman, presumably in her 40’s, who was smoking outside Kingsley’s in Southsea caught eyes with me once whilst I was walking past her and shouted (to no one in particular) “where’s Wallace?”. It took me a a solid 10 minutes of dissecting the encounter in my head before I realised she meant Where’s Wally. I assume she was inferring that I look like Wally from the Where’s Wally books (I don’t think I do. Even if I did I doubt I could pull off his famous Red and White striped look). By the time I had worked this all out I was indoors and she had mostly likely gone back to drinking and dancing. Therefore my come-back of “erm…you probably ate him” (she was a larger lady you see) had lost all impact.

Anyways, back to me. Whilst I happen to enjoy my life very much, it does seem that the past couple of years have seen me stumble from one awkward social encounter to the next. I have decided to use this blog as a means of sharing them with the world in the hope that I can make sense of them. I also hope that my misfortune brightens your day.

Please feel free to share any similar tales of social failure. It would make me feel a lot better about the world to know that I am not alone in having regular uncomfortable encounters.


6 Responses to About

  1. sociopathicuttlefish says:

    When I used to have really long hair, I used to get ‘Jesus’ chants (pretty cool) and ‘get a haircut/look like a girl’ taunts (less cool). There’s even one time, an old man bumped into me, and instinctively said ‘oh, sorry my dear’ before noticing I was actually a guy. Sure enough, awkward conversation ensued.

  2. lauriebest says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging…it proves there is a good (and usually funny) side to our worst moments! Glad you’re enjoying our blog…your tales remind me of my daughter’s stories of living in the UK. Will keep checking on your adventures. Happy new Year!

  3. jennypugh says:

    I once crimped my hair before going to Youth Club (I was 15, it was back in 1992) and because I had also crimped my thick fringe, everybody called me Bungle from the kids TV show “Rainbow”. The shame.

  4. hacken2013 says:

    I love nerds! So I married one. BTW, its “Where’s Waldo” 😉

  5. iancochrane says:

    Great Blog J.
    Enjoyed it immensely.
    Interesting; just back from the fantastic annual 5-day Byron Bay Blues/Roots Festival, where I saw Soja. A younger group, with a good vibe & heaps of enthusiasm.
    Anyway, keep up the good work!
    Cheers, ic

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