To protect the innocent, awkward, sleazy and unwilling I have to keep this blog relatively anonymous. Sorry about that.

Should you wish to get in touch (maybe you have an awkward tale of your own that you wish to share?) then I can be reached at

Feel free to say hello.



4 Responses to Contact

  1. iammarcello says:

    Hi PS,
    Just wanted to let you know, I am Marcello is moving to – I am going to be one of their regular dating bloggers – please feel free to stop by!

    Thanks for following me and your kind comments!


  2. I’ll drop you a mail so you don’t feel too lonely.
    In the meantime you asked for examples of awkward moments. Here’s one of my finest
    Please feel free to use it if you want. Just give me credit and a link to my site (and a bit of a shout?


  3. vodkablogs says:

    I was nominated for an award, some sort of blogger one (god I’m wasted-_). To not sound too much like a what you call it, fucking shit. It’s not called fucking shit its,….. a … CHAIN LETTER! that’s it, sorry for the delay, though while reading it you won’t notice the delay that occusrred in my life.

    Either way, I dig your shit so I’m giving you props in my chain letter response shit thing.

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