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From the Vault: The Strip Club

I have another story from my past to share with you all. I was reminded of this tale at the weekend. Several of my friends have been in long term relationships for a while now. As our group makes the … Continue reading

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Some Valentines Day tales…

As today is Valentines Day, I figured I would share some love related stories with you. This all came about as my friends and I, like the macho guys that we are,  were talking about Valentines, relationships and love last … Continue reading

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Help me to win a bet…

One of our biggest vices at Project Southsea is gambling. My dad is a gambling man. He even has his own tipping line. Both C & I were indoctrined into the world of betting from an early age. I know … Continue reading

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He ain’t heavy…

I believe I may mentioned previously that I live with my brother. You can call him C. Luckily we get on very well and he and I spend a lot of time together. You may recall that he has even … Continue reading

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